Soneil Companies

Soneil International Ltd., the parent company of the Soneil Group of Companies, was established in 1994 in Toronto, Canada and is in the business of supplying battery chargers, switching power supplies, adapters & Advance Technology Batteries.

As of 2016, the group umbrella has more than 30 companies which are in different business lines like Development & Manufacturing of Power conversion electronics & Advance Technology Batteries, Real Estate, Retail & Educational Services. In the near future, we are planning to get into technology selling for the electronics business line, invest in pharmaceutical businesses and get involved in development of real estate properties like commercial buildings, shopping Malls, condo apartments across Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Our head office is located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, just west of Toronto. It features a research and development department, quality control testing facilities, and a warehouse. Some of other facilities include sales office in California, USA and warehouse in New York, USA, dual purpose sales office/warehouse locations in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong and China and also sales offices in India and Malaysia.

Soneil International Ltd
Soneil International Ltd is in the business of supplying battery chargers, switching power supplies, adapters & advance technology batteries. The product range varies from low current applications such as wall mount chargers to large current applications such as electric vehicle chargers. Soneil chargers & Advance Technology Batteries are designed for Marine, Boat, Golf Cart, Golf Caddies, Wheelchairs, Scooters, EV, RV, Renewable Energy Systems, Telecommunications and many other applications. Soneil battery chargers are light-weight, low-cost, small size, smart, intelligent and universal.

Soneil Property Management
The Property Division of the Soneil Group of Companies owns and manages properties and gas stations in the Greater Toronto Area. The total value of these properties is estimated to be around $ 100 million. The properties are leased to tenants and maintained by the Group.

The types of properties owned by the Group are:

1. Commercial Properties, include Shopping plazas, automotive garages, offices and warehouses

2. Industrial properties, include manufacturing units

3. Gas Stations contain Gas pumps, Convenience stores, Chip Wagons, Propane filling stations/ exchange, Coffee Shops, Lottery and ATM machines

4. Residential Properties and Student housing

5. Commercial Land that may be used for setting up a banquet hall/ convention Centre, eating establishment, automotive use, manufacturing, motel/ hotel, offices, warehouse, place of entertainment, etc.