Environment friendly Advance Technology Battery (ATB) has been developed using a new patented chemistry which makes it the ideal replacement for Lead-Acid and VRLA batteries (GEL &AGM). It blends into the consumer lifestyles of many industries such as transportation, telecommunications, electric power, military, marine, aviation, and commercial facilities etc., and is widely accepted by institutions and individuals. In fact, in performance they match with the Lithium batteries in the sense that these batteries can be discharged to zero volt every time and they can recover to full capacity. You do not have to refresh them, as the battery shelf life can go upto one year & once charged it can come back to full capacity. Hence, these batteries have better performance characteristics than Lithium batteries at a lower price.

To overcome the fundamental shortcomings of lead-acid and gel batteries, we developed a new chemistry based on five proprietary technologies: Translucent Silica electrolyte and its preparation method, the irrigation fluid device and its battery plus liquid method, battery terminals connected protective devices, battery boxes and condensate liquid.

Conventional sulfuric acid solution is replaced by Self-designed SiO2 cleaning composite electrolyte in Advance Technology Batteries. When the composite electrolyte reacts with the plate during the charging process translucent electrolyte salts are formed and the electrolyte is absorbed onto the electrolytic salt. Electrolyte is distributed evenly in a non-hierarchical manner and there is no gradient concentration in the upper and lower electrode.

Advance Technology Battery has many advantages over the conventional Lead Acid or Gel Batteries like long use life, extreme operating temperature, low gassing, environmental safety, and high rate discharge. Traditional Lead-acid batteries have many short comings like plate sulfate, active material loss, dehydration, serious acid pollution, short cycle life, poor low/high temperature characteristics and poor transport safety.