Compared to the conventional VRLA (Lead Acid, Gel) & Lithium batteries, Advance Technology batteries perform much better because of their unique chemistry & characteristics. These can work at extreme temperatures and provides low gassing. Advance Technology Batteries can be stored for 12 months without charging. The below chart gives more information on the performance characteristics.

Temperature-18℃ to +45℃-18℃ to +50℃ -20℃ to + 65℃-20℃ to + 65℃
Usage Life2-3 Years3-4 Years 5-6 Years4-5 Years
Transportation SafetyAverageGoodVery PoorAverage
Discharge Cycle at 80%45050010001100
Discharge Ability at High CurrentPoorPoorAverageGood
CostLowLowVery High(5X Lead Acid)High