Advance Technology Batteries can be used in every application where Lead Acid, Gel & AGM Batteries are used currently. These can also be a cost effective replacement for Lithium Batteries. Some of the application areas are listed below:

  1. Electric Vehicles & Golf Carts: EFSL Range (Light Traction Batteries)
  2. Material Handling & Cleaning Machines: EFSL Range ( Light Traction Batteries)
  3. Marine & RV Applications: EFSN Range (Standby & Cyclic Batteries)
  4. Medical Applications: EFSN Range (Standby & Cyclic Batteries)
  5. Telecommunication: EFSM range
  6. Renewable Energy: EFSN Range (Standby & Cyclic Batteries)

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Apart from the above sectors these can be used for a wide variety of other applications. For more details on the compatibility and application of the batteries get in touch with us.

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