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Soneil has battery chargers with output of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 volts and input of 115VAC (UL, CSA approvals) and 230VAC (CE, TUV, GS, KEMA approvals). Soneil Chargers can be used worldwide. Boasting a longevity rating of 30,000 power-on-hours (POH), Soneil chargers use state of the art technology to revolutionize battery power maintenance.


Selected components commonly found in computers are utilized in these constant current chargers to reduce size and weight normally associated with familiar taper type chargers. One such component is a sophisticated switching circuit that “chops up” 115/230VAC input at a rate of 100,000 pulses per second. Since less power is being manipulated at a faster rate, the conversion to 12, 24, 36 & 48V DC can be completed without the need for a large transformer. The Switch-mode Charger is an electronics device whereas the conventional charger is an electrical device with some electronics.

Benefits of Switch-mode Chargers:

  • Smaller size and lightweight
  • No tapering of current – Constant Current

In the conventional chargers, the current reduces as the battery voltage goes up. For example an 8 Amp charger, the current will start at 8 Amp and will go down as the battery voltage increase. At the end (full charge) the current is almost zero. So the charger is giving an average of 4 Amps.

The switch-mode charger gives a constant current. In charging time, the constant current is equal to twice the tapered current. So a 4 Amp Constant Current battery charger is as fast (in some cases faster) than a tapered 8 Amp conventional charger.

Note: Some conventional chargers are constant current types but these are more expensive, larger in size and weight.

  • More Reliable: In switch-mode, the transformers are installed on the electronics circuit board. Since all components are on circuit board, the switch-mode chargers are much more reliable.

Ability to function with AC voltage fluctuations:  The switch-mode chargers are capable of large AC voltage fluctuations without any loss of output power.

For example a properly designed switch-mode charger of 115VAC input will operate at 90VAC. So 115VAC chargers can be used in Japan where the voltage is 100VAC.

  • Deep discharge start: Can charge a battery as low as 0.5 volts. Most of the conventional chargers need 12-18 volts to start.
  • Current Limit: The switch-mode charger will not give large current at low voltage (unlike conventional chargers). This protects the battery.
  • Voltage limit
  • On-board application: Due to small size, the switch-mode chargers can be installed on-board a scooter or power chair.
  • Portability: Even if a charger is not installed on-board, it is portable due to small size and lightweight. The user can easily carry it with him and charge the battery at lunch hour or during a visit.



  • Small size & light weight: Portability is a major feature. The charger can be installed on-board.
  • Universal input: Any voltage from 90VAC to 264VAC (without any switch). This means you only need one charger for the whole world.
  • UL, cUL (Canada), PSE (Japan), TUV and CE (electrical EN 60335-1, Charger EN 60335-2-29, EMC – listed above) safety approvals.
  • Short circuit protection: If you touch the output +ve& -ve wires (with AC ON) and there will be no failure (no fuse will blow).
  • Reverse polarity protection: If you connect the battery in reverse, there will be no failure (no fuse will blow).The charger will just not work. When the problem is corrected, the charger will operate normally.
  • No current drain: If the AC is OFF and the charger is connected to the battery, the drain of current from the battery is very minimal.
  • De-sulfation of battery: The charger will remove loose sulfation and increase the battery life. (Hard sulfation cannot be reversed).
  • Low voltage start: Soneil charger will start charging from 0.5 volts. This means very deeply discharged battery can be charged. Other chargers cannot do this.
  • Maintain full charge & no overcharging: Soneil charger can be left connected to the battery indefinitely without harming (overcharging) the battery.
  • One charger for any type of lead acid battery: Soneil charger will charge any type or brand of lead acid battery fully – Gel, AGM or wet battery. The charger will adjust itself according to the age of the battery.