Soneil chargers have advanced switch mode technology which make them light weight, compact, reliable and intelligent than the conventional chargers in the market. The charger range varies from low current applications such as wall mount chargers to large current applications such as electric vehicle chargers.

These items are produced in East Asia to strict manufacturing specifications and tested rigorously in quality control facilities in East Asia and Canada before being shipped to customers. This process has two main advantages. The first, being quality assurance, is due to the fact that development and quality control are handled in Canada. The second advantage is cost control, due to manufacturing being done in East Asia, where labor and other production costs are very low. This allows Soneil to supply its customers with very high quality products at the most competitive prices.

The advanced switch mode technology used in Soneil chargers gives them an advantage over conventional chargers in weight, compactness, intelligence, and reliability. The advanced technology in these chargers allows them to be used readily in marine appliances, commercial and recreational boats, golf carts and caddies, wheels chairs, scooters, EV, RV, etc. Our switching power supplies and adapters are used primarily in POS terminals, ATMs, communication systems, display systems, computers, industrial controls, and electrical vehicles. We are also in the business of providing Original Equipment Manufacturing or Contract Manufacturing services to various industries for a wide range of electronic products that are not limited simply to battery chargers and other power conversion items.


Here are just some of the numerous advantages of Soneil products:

  1. Sourcing of products from various locations
  2. Global presence
  3. Usage of the latest high-end technology
  4. Stringent quality control
  5. Excellent customer service and support
  6. Flexibility in rescheduling of orders
  7. Assured continuity in supply
  8. Competitive prices

These high-end power conversion items include a broad range of products, such as various types of battery chargers with varying specifications to meet a wide range of applications, switching power supplies, adapters, inverters, and converters.