Battery Gauges

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Soneil battery gauges are embedded with the latest technology and unique features which make them superior to other gauges available in the market. Soneil battery gauges come in different shapes and sizes, conforming to the current standards such as 52 mm dia. Currently the gauges come in three shapes; Round, Rectangle & Hexagonal. Input voltage to the gauges can be 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V or auto sensing can also be offered, if required .Some of the unique features of these gauges are:

1.Display can be 5 bar, 10 bar LED or 2 line LCD which display the state of charge bar by bar from full to empty.

2. “Energy reserve alert” with a flashing LED signals at 70% depth of discharge.

3. At 80% depth of discharge, alternately flashing LEDs provide an empty status warning with alarm beep option. A control signal disconnects the battery & system to avoid deep discharge situation.

4. Service alarm & Hour Meter for the machine

5. For Wi-Fi gauges, parameters can be programmed or modified remotely by an administrator.

6. Data stored on the gauge can be uploaded to the cloud and retained for a period of 5 years or more.

7. All data can be viewed live, or downloaded into the computer for later viewing, plotting and analysis.

8. Notifications can be enabled such that any change in the operating  parameters such as battery not charging, low voltage, battery discharging too fast can be relayed to the operator / programmer via email / text.