Lithium Cells

Soneil sells lithium cells of all different types.

There are two main shapes that the cells come in – prismatic and cylindrical. These come in all sizes, so it is just too many to list out. It is very easy to find cells that will fit into your application. Cylindrical cells come into standard 16650, 26650 and 32650 sizes. We have plenty of options for each size as well as many other sizes.

The lithium cell amp-hour (Ah) ranges from 1Ah to over 200Ah cells.

Lithium batteries come in many chemistries. To name a few of the popular ones, there are LiFePO4, LiMn2O4, LiNiCoMnO2 and other LiPo chemistries. Chemistry affects the number of life cycles, cost, and several other factors.

The nominal voltage depends on the chemistry. LiFePO4 chemistry cells have a voltage of 3.2V/cell while most LiPO chemistries vary between 3.6V/cell and 3.7V/cell.

For cell enquiries, please contact Soneil for more details.