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Soneil offers completely customized charger solutions for your application. The charger can be designed to meet any type of lead acid or lithium battery. We can meet any kind of charging curve along with any other parameters that are needed.


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Soneil offers completely customized lithium battery pack solutions for your application. The lithium battery pack will include the cells, soft or hard pack, BMS and the connectors you need. The battery packs come in all different sizes and shapes.


Soneil, has battery chargers with output of 12, 24, 36, 48 & 72 volts and input of 115VAC (UL, CSA approvals) and 230VAC (CE, TUV, GS, KEMA approvals). Soneil battery chargers can also be used in JAPAN. Boasting a longevity rating of 30,000 power-on-hours (POH), the SUPERCHARGER applies state of the art technology to revolutionize battery power maintenance.

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17th March 2015
Soneil Launches Digital Programmable 360Watt chargers with multiple charging curves, along with DIP switch. For more information kindly contact the Sales Department.

01st February 2016
Soneil International Ltd introduces the Battery Gauge Range..

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